Property management

We host, You earn. It's that simple

Our property management services

Available for short & long term leases

Listing creation & distribution

From the property set up, through house manuals, professional photograohy and / or 3D visits. We take care of enhancing your property so that we can bring the best out of its potential.

Pricing & Occupancy Optimization

Our dynamic pricing algorithm is made to maximize your property's occupancy at the best possible price so that you can get the best possible revenue.

Cleaning & Maintenance

From hotel quality fresh linens and towels, maintenance inspections through checklist based deep cleanings. Each property is taken care of.

Guest relations

Travelers do not come to stay in an apartment. We know that and do our best to assist them during their stay and help them get the best of their stays in our cities.

Tenants verification

Wether it's a short or long term lease, we like toi know and filter who enters your property and prevent any unconfortable foreseen situations.

Leases management

We make sure the legal documents are uptodate and store every lease so that if something goes south, we got you covered.

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Transparency as a core value

get notified

Visits, reservations, cancellation or expenses. Stay updated on what happens with your property.

track Occupation

View new reservations, calendars and revenues right from your finger tips.


Get a detailed monthly report of your revenues, expenses and payouts and stay on top of your cashflow.

Advanced analytics

Learn your property's behaviour, Who books ? When ? Through which channel and brag next to your friends.

Owners reviews

“The no brainer property managers. We highly recommend HolyGuest to any owner that is looking for reliable and trustful managers !”
Franck & Terry
London, United Kingdom
“Nous souhaitions générer un revenu de notre appartement tout en gardant la possibilité d'y séjourner lors de nos séjours privés. L'équipe est dynamique et très à l'écoute. Nous sommes ravis ”
Paris, France
Honest, young and dynamic team.
Toronto, CA

Short term management


per booking

Long term management


per year

All prices do not include VAT

Tenant Finder's fee


of the 1st year's contract

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much can my property make ?

Rentals revenues depend of many variables such as : Location, Amenities, condition of the property, views, building condition, proximity to Point Of Interest. Feel free to reach out to one of our associates and we will gladly give you a detailed forecast on your property’s potential revenues.


Can you guarantee rents ?

We do for Long term rentals (for an extra 2,5% per year)  but can’t guarantee revenues on short term rental basis. Unless a serious issue with the unit, our forecasts are often pretty accurate. 



Do you perform Check ins ?

Yes we do, unless guests required differently. We tend to meet and greet personnally each and every guests. It’s part of the service and it helps us confirm the number of guests, legal documents and condition of the property when they arrived. 


Can I use my property ?

Absolutely ! It is still your property. Managed vacation rentals are designed for people that need their property, once, twice or several times a year and want to make a revenue out of the vacant periods. Obvisouly, the more you come, the less you earn.



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